I love white.  In fact, when asked what my favorite color is, I'm either going to answer with White or Grey, depending on the day.

I saw these white rabbits at Potterybarn.com.  So when I was given an old owl statue by my mother-in-law, who knows I like owls, this idea immediately came to mind -- paint it white!

Here is the original owl statue.

Cute, ain't he?

I bought a bottle of white glossy acrylic paint and went to town!

Above is a photo after the first coat.  As you can see, the green on the bottom of the statue is showing through like crazy.  I lost count of exactly how many coats of paint I used, but I'd guess around 4.
I know what you're thinking...
You can't count to four without getting confused?
In my defense, I had to let it sit and dry inbetween coats, and even went to a movie before I did the last one.

I love it!  Looks exactly like I hoped!  In fact, I think I'm going to have to restrain myself from painting anything and everything white that I can get my hands on!

Believe me, I know that this is a bookshelf. And trust me, it does have books on it.. somewhere.  One of my biggest problems is loving everything too much!  I can't minimilize!