I was going to post photos from Oregon today, but I'm still editing (remember, I took 500!!)
So, instead I show you a little sumthin sumthin I was honored with this month.

Attention Ladies and Gentleman: You are reading the blog of the Powerhouse Gym
Member of the Month!
(insert cheering here)

haha ok seriously, it's true though. I was just as suprised as you are.  But it's true! I have proof! Seee????

And just to prove it's really me, here's a close up of the picture. 

I was going to a group fitness class one day last month when I was stopped by the gym manager. She said there was a form for me to fill out at the desk for the Member of the Month. 
My response: "Are you sure you have the right person?"

Yeah.  Classy.

I still thought they made a mistake and asked around to other staff members just to be sure. 

Of course, my husband was jealous because he's been working out there longer than me and he's a big huge muscle man.  So I had fun rubbing it in :) 

Tomorrow I will post the Oregon pics, I'm about half way through. Also, coming later this week is a cool gift I made which I  hinted at a few weeks ago with this photo:

So, stay tuned!