That's right. I'm married to an older man.
For the next 6 months at least.

My McHottie (I'm on a Grey's Anatomy kick) has turned 28!  Ahh, being 27 never felt so good!

So, in honor of his 28th birthday, I thought I'd list 28 things about Wade that I love oh so much!
(and the mush begins...)

#1. He's the clearest example of Christ I know.
#2. He's been going to Mexico for over 6 years and still can't speak much spanish.
#3. In fact, when he doesn't know what to say, he says "Buenos Noches!" (Good night!)
#4. He's extremely giving.
#5. He always puts the needs of others in front of himself.
#6. He's kind of a nerd. For example, he's a pharmacist, plays video games, reads comic books, loves to watch The History Channel and Discovery Channel, and likes/understands science and math.
#7. Despite his nerdy interests (remember, these are things I love about him), no one I know would want to get in a fight with him. He's big and strong.
#8. He loves to travel.
#9. He can turn a bad situation into a great and memorable one.
#10. His soul. It's so beautiful :)
#11. Boy can cook.
#12. But he refuses to use measurements! (this bugs me and makes me love him at the same time)
#13. He saves lives at work all the time :)
#14. He's always aware of opportunities to serve or minister to someone.
#15. He's extremely confidential.  He doesn't even tell me other people's secrets!
#16. Zombie Mondays - every other week he gets off from night shift and goes through an entire day he won't remember on the next.
#17. He pushes me to be more like Christ.
#18. He leads by example.
#19. Commercials = Mess with Kerrie time
#20. He's going to be an amazing dad one day.
#21. He's the most commited person I know. To anything he does.
#22. He takes time to think about what he's going to say before he says it. (I wish I could do that!)
#23. His dance moves (He's gonna kill me for that one)
#24. He opens/holds the door open until everyone near has gone through :)
#25. He loves Jesus more than anyone. And me second.
#26. In Mexico, he goes by "Marcos"  (his first name is Marcus) because "Wade" sounds like a spanish word for Castrated Bull!
#27. He helps people with Pharmacy type questions all the time, even when they call for their pets ;)
#28. He wants to be one Swamp People and loved the birthday gift I got him... Choot Em!

Just 28 reasons I love my husband so very much! Happy Birthday Old Man!
*his bday was actually yesterday, but I was too busy spending time with him to blog, so happy belated!