This was my second trip to the Oregon Coast, Wade's first.  Again, we were so blessed with good weather to enjoy the weekend exploring!

I love the Pacific Ocean! The beach is so different than the East Coast where I grew up. Both are beautiful, both are unique.

Our first stop at the Coast
My beautiful neice, Journey!

The Tide Pools

Spouting Horn

The Pacific Beach, were we stayed at a beach house for the night

Journey's first trip to the beach

I loved the driftwood!

Deci and I found an island, which soon disappeared and I had to carry her through the water back to shore!

My niece, December

Seal Rock

My hottie hubby and I at Seal Rock

I just loved all of the huge bolders!

Deci, dancing at the beach

A gorgeous view!
 I saw so many beautiful sights while in Oregon!  By far the most beautiful place I've seen in America.