While yesterday was actually mine and Wade's anniversary, we decided to celebrate today instead and pretend THIS was our anniversary!  We've just recently recieved power after a week of tornado relief and we had a mile long list of things to do on Monday.  Since non of those things were romantic in the least, we made the joint decision to start the celebration a day late. 

Soo... Happy 2 years and 1 day anniversary to us!

We are spending a few days in Seattle, then driving down to Oregon to visit our family! (don't worry, i wrote this post yesterday, I'm going to be fully enjoying my vacay!

In honor of the best two years of my life, I thought I'd share some of my favorite newlywed memories.  (Btw, am I still a newlywed?  If not, I'm going to have to change the title of my blog...  I think maybe newlywed is a state of mind, and I'm still head over heels for my baby! So yes, I'm a newlywed!)

I love this moment because...

... because it was the first time I saw Wade on our wedding day. I had no idea I would cry.  I was overcome!

... because we got to be really silly and dress up in crazy costumes all for our neice's birthday party. Too bad we scared all of the children.

... because it was our first "fly across the ocean" mission trip together. We spent this evening in India killing mosquito after mosquito before bed.  The next morning we saw a huge hole in the bathroom where they were coming in.  Oh well.

... because we finished the week in India, where we both got to serve God - Wade as a pharmacist, me in the prayer room.  These scarves were a "thank you" from the people. Oh, and because we were willing to be this close together inspite of the fact that neither of us had showered in 4 days.  Thats love, baby!

... because we were freezing cold in Mexico and we didn't care.  We love it there.

... because we couldn't decide how to dress 60's - mod or hippie?  We agreed to disagree.

... because we went to Chicago for our anniversary JUST to eat at a restaurant we saw on TV.  It was soooo worth it! (This picture is taken in the reflection of the mirror kidney bean structure at Millenium park)

... because we continue to return to the place we met in 2006.  We have been so blessed to know this family since then and become a part of the familia as well.

... because this is the first time we slept over in Mexico and went without a mission group, just to go and visit los amigos y las familias.

... because we weathered the storm.  ok, this one is a joke. But it is when we learned how to take funny pictures on our new Dell.

... because I can't believe I actually talked Wade into wearing matching Christmas sweaters and taking "Akward Family Christmas Photos" with me.

... because we drove cross country in a moving truck and stopped to see the Grand Canyon on the way. 

... because we went on a cruise and made out in this car, haha.

... because we've made it a regular part of our lives to go to Mexico on our own because it is our home.  This summer we get to dedicate this cute little David Isaac at church :)

But the best memories are the ones I don't have pictures of, like the times he brings me flowers just because he knows I like them, or when he helps me unload the dishwasher because he knows I hate it, or we do picniks by the lake, get competitive when playing board games, and laugh at eachother for all kinds of stuff.

I'm so thankful for these past two years together, and I look forward to the next forever.

See ya in a week!

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