We're baaaack!! What a fun week we had!  The first of which, we spent celebrating our anniversary in Seattle!  I've wanted to go there ever since I worked as a camp counselor. You see, every summer we started out by watching a video on team work and having fun in order to be successful.  The video profiled the guys that work at the Pike Place fish market.  After every fish order, the floor man calls out the order and the others all repeat him together. Then they throw the fish from fisherman to fisherman, all the while people are cheering them on.

It looked like such a fun experience! I couldn't wait to see it for myself!

When we arrived at the hotel, this yummy little treat was waiting for us in the room along with a card to Mr. & Mrs. Williams.  I must say, seeing "Mr. & Mrs. Williams" still gives me butterflies. Little did I know, Wade had informed the hotel prior to our arrival that it was our anniversary! It was so sweet (the dessert and the gesture)! 
Our hotel was right infront of Pike's Place Market!  I really wanted to throw or catch a fish, like on the video, but I chickened out of asking! I know, I'll regret it forever I'm sure!  But I did take a photo with one of the fisherman and held a big, slimy fish!  He couldn't believe I was actually wanted to hold it!  I'm no girly-girl!

This is Beechers!  Beechers was right next to our hotel and had the BEST mac-n-cheese that they made RIGHT THERE at the restaurant! Here you can see the cheese being made. We ate this stuff three days in a row - it was THAT good!
One morning, we took the monorail to visit the Space Needle.

(can you see us in the pictures?)

We tried local foods, like this awesome bubble tea and these meats on a stick! 

One of my favorite places was the Gum Wall. Wade thought it was gross, naturally, but I thought it was such a cool peice of art!  Too bad I don't chew gum, otherwise I definitly would have made my mark! 

The structures were so old and unique. I took pictures of just about every building, but for some reason, this one was a favorite.  It would make a great background for a photo shoot! In fact, several places in Seattle would!

We were so lucky with the weather on this trip! Notice the clear skies and sunshine!  That's not typical of Seattle this time of year!  In fact, it was such a big deal, it made the cover of the Seattle times the next morning!

From Seattle, we hopped a train to Oregon! It was my first train ride, and I LOVED it!  If you've never had the chance to ride a train, you should do it! NOW! haha, but seriously, it's a fun time.  We had a ton of space, foot rest (yay!), the dining car (where we ate more Beechers mac-n-cheese), and some beautiful scenary! 

On to Oregon!  I took over 500 pictures in Oregon (what? It's my neices' fault!  Their too darn cute!) so I will save that half of the trip for another post. 

I can't believe I've already been married for two years, and at the same time it seems like we've been together our whole lives, we just hadn't met yet :)  I love you Wade! 

Wonder where we'll go next year?