This is the mantra I repeated to myself as we trekked along the Appalachian mountain trail over the last few days. For my first hike, I gotta say I'm proud.  18 miles over three days going up and down and up and down, all the while carrying everything I'll need on my back was a challenge I'm glad I experienced!
I should also note that I'm glad I finished!

How nice. Day 1 at the start of the trail, looking all fresh and happy with our cool packs...

I think it's possible that Wade was a tad worried about whether or not I'd make it. 

Aaannnd this is me wondering the same thing...

On your mark, get set, GO!  Follow the White Blaze to stay on the trail! This was our first one.

This tower was at the Wayah Bald where we started the trail.

Ahh camping.  Yeah. That's all I have to say about that ;)
No really, it was fun.. the second night when it wasn't freezing cold. I'm going to try and forget the first night...

The next morning and still all smiles!

Day two of hiking was much more difficult. We hiked about 11 or 12 miles that day and the terrain was much more challenging. With that said, it was also beautiful.

I don't sweat often, so I was so proud of my sweaty back!  Haha I'm sure you're so happy to see that.

The view from a tower along the trail. We still had to get to the valley in the middle of the picture before we were done!  I couldn't believe how many mountains I had crossed when we looked back and how much more was to come! Completely awesome.

After another night of camping and a little more hiking we finished!  It was a great feeling of accomplishment! And I couldn't wait to get off my feet, take a shower, and eat the most glorious cheeseburger I've.Ever.Had. , at the NOC!

Even though it was hard, and there were a few several times I asked myself WHAT I WAS THINKING, I'm so glad I had this experience!
Would I do it again? 
Ask me in a few weeks when I'm not in pain from head to toe (literally)!