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I shared a tutorial on my Springtime Roses a few months back, and since then have expanded and tried different flower techniques. It's been so much fun! I made these baby headbands, modeled by the adorable Everly Mae, new daughter of Brandan and Mandi Brown!
*The photos were taken by Brandi my awesome and cool friend who likes to remain nameless. 

I know, she's so cute you probably didn't even notice the headbands! They were so much fun to make!  The bottom photo is the two of the rolled roses from my previous tutorial. I made one large and one small and simply glued the smaller one on top of the larger. Bada Bing Bada Boom. I attached all of them onto stretch lace or elastic by glueing the band inbetween two pieces of felt, so it will be soft against the baby's head.

Here is a tutorial on the middle flower, which is pretty similar to the top flower:
What you will need:
Fabric - any kind (I used chiffon and a silky type fabric for the pink, and just regular fabric for the orange)
Tulle or Netting
Fabric Glue
Needle and thread
Stretch Lace, elastic, or any other stretchy trim.
Button or beads (optional)

Start by picking out your fabric and tulle. Cut several square pieces, about 3x3 inches.

Take a square and fold it in half.

Next, fold the fabric square in half again, like so...

And fold it again, across like you're making a paper airplane.

Take a needle and thread and sew the tip together to make it stay.  I had no method, I'm an eratic sewer.

Do that a bunch of times until you've got two colors of fabric and tulle, all sewed like so...

Ok, so I got carried away and forgot to keep taking pictures, so I'm going to have to just explain the rest:
Cut a circle out of felt.
Glue one color around (all touching side by side) in a circle on the felt.
Glue another color on top, and then do the same with tulle.
For the middle, I made a teeny tiny rolled rose and glued it on. I love glue, can you tell?

Sew the ends of the stretch fabric/lace for the headband together.
Turn flower over and glue sewed area onto the flower. Glue an additional felt circle on top of that.
The End! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy, right?

For the flower above, I took two colored fabrics, sewn as above and sandwiched a piece of netting inbetween. I then sewed the three pieces together and layed each three-peice on their sides and glued them onto the felt circle like I did with the pink flower. Then I just glued a button in the middle!

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