The wait is over! 
What? No one was waiting?
At least one person was -- my dear friend Ashley! I know this because she kindly reminded me that the week was up and I still hadn't shared the secret project! (Thanks Ash, sometimes I get blog lazy haha)

We made a cookbook from Paper Coterie! They have lots of other fun stuff, like children's books you can make with your own child and story inside!

Unfortunately.. I didn't turn out the way I hoped.  You see, online it was directioned as above (except the spiral was supposed to the on the side.)  And when it arrived it looked like this...

Not exactly what I was expecting.  I was so confused, and it totally messed up the book!  These pages below were supposed to be facing a direction that placed them side by side... not like this.

But, not to fear!  I contacted Paper Coterie and they are fixing them and resending the order. YAY!

I ordered the cookbooks as Mother's Day gifts, that being the reason I couldn't post them online sooner! (Both moms read this blog - in fact, one hasn't recieved this gift yet! SUPRISE!  Happy Mother's Day Regina! I actually did get you a gift! haha)

We I filled it with a ton of our favorite recipes that we love to make at home. Here are a few I haven't shared on my blog yet that you have got to try!

All wasn't lost with the cookbook mess up.  I figure at the very least you can use it like this...

And, just for fun, since you can't see all of the pictures that great on the cookbook above, here are the photos we made in preparation.  I still can't believe I talked Wade into this!
*A few things to note: I made both Wade's chefs hat and apron. ;)

So, in the end, even though the books didn't turn out exactly as I hoped, we had a blast making these pictures (taken by my amazing friend, Brandi)!  And Paper Coterie is being kind enough to send me corrected copies at no cost. With that being said, anyone want the mess ups? They're freeeee!