This has been such a fun weekend!  With the Mexico mission trip coming up, I've been really busy (hence the lack of recent blog posts), so I really appreciated this weekend of fun and relaxation with friends!

Above is a picture of us in Chattanooga, TN, where we went with a couple of friends with no plans - which was great!  I loved this bridge - no cars allowed!  

On Sunday, Lifepoint celebrated it's 5th Birthday!  I love my church so much.  We celebrated the occassion with a huge tailgate party on the lawn and 29 outdoor baptisms!

I made some cake balls for the event and I love how they turned out!  You can get the recipe here.  

Here are some more pictures from the day....

My super adorable buddy, Bryson

Now it's back to the grind for me!  Getting things ready for Mexico since we leave FRIDAY! Also preparing for the launch our upcoming Blessings in a Backpack ministry, my dad's coming to town, and driving all over Alabama to pick up some team members before we leave!  Then it's VIVA A MEXICO for a whole week!! Plus, I've been working on some hair bows to give all the kiddies when we get there.  Speaking of which, I should be getting back to that now. Posting pictures tomorrow :)

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