Wade and I were responsible for taking care of the "Williams' Farm" while his dad and Hilde were in Oregon this week.  I should mention that this is the same land on which we will be building this year, so it was good for me to have some practice. 
Our duties were to check on the chickens (food and water), collect the eggs each day, water the flowers, and then we got to pick fresh berries from the garden.

It has been so much fun "living off the land" in a sense. The berries are soooo yummy and there is just something nostalgic about brown eggs. They have a lot growing back there: jalapenos, onion, asparagus, grapes, apple orchards, spices, etc. It's so neat.  I hope that when I move out there I can develop some sort of green thumb as well.

So, here's what I have to overcome:
1. My fear of any kind of bug, including flies.
2. My deep hatred of shoes (flip flops won't protect much against snakes)
3. My love of Jeans. I don't love shorts, but I will die out there in the heat taking care of the plants if I'm wearing jeans!

Quote of the week: "You're never going to make it out here, City Girl." -- my loving husband, Wade.