She's my best squirrel* friend in the WHOLE WORLD!
(she's sooo gonna kill me for posting this picture of her!)
And this summer, she is spending 6 weeks in Brazil as a missionary! I couldn't be more proud!

This is where she is this week... 
Awesome, right?  Aren't you just dying to walk on that bridge?  I know I am!

She went to Brazil with the Salvation Army Summer Service Corp, where so far she has helped repair churches, feed the homeless and hand out blankets, worked with children and the elderly, and even got asked to sing in the choir - despite the fact that she can't speak Portuguese!

I'm so proud of my missionary best friend that I wanted everyone who reads my blog to know about her too! And to join me in prayer for her as she continues her time there. Pray that God will use her in ways she never saw coming. Pray that she will be available and obedient, listening for God's voice with excitement for what He may tell her.

I love you Squirrel*!

*Squirrel is from one of those "you had to be there" stories that no one else on this planet has thought was funny except for us.  Best friends for 10 years and still going strong :)