If you've been reading my blog, you probably know that I have a HUGE MEGA LOVE for Mexico! 
I've been wanting to use the heat transfer vinyl with my Silhouette machine, and decided for my first project, I'd make myself a Mexico shirt for my upcoming mission trip!  (June 24th!!)

Here's how it turned out...

I thought I'd be all artsy and put the image on the bottom side of the shirt.. I'm hoping people don't think it's a cow spot.

Check out my teeny-weeny little bitty ironing board. This is why I do not iron. Ever. 
That, and the fact that the last time I ironed a pair of Wade's pants, I burned 5 holes in them. Yes. 5.

I printed the image from my silhouette following these instructions. Once I had the image ready, I laid it out on the tshirt to figure out placement.

Like I said earlier, I wanted it to wrap around the side of the shirt a bit, so I made sure it place it over the side hem.

Next I ironed like a crazy person. This was really easy, but I made it more difficult by being completely paranoid the entire time that I was messing it up. Poor Wade was in the room and had to witness the whole thing.

But, after all was said and done, the shirt came out pretty good!  It left some iron marks where I think I might have left the iron too long, but hopefully they will disappear when I wash it.

ok, be honest.. it looks like a cow's spot doesn't it?

Now Wade wants me to make him a shirt. I asked him what kind he wanted, and after some serious thought, he has decided he wants a green shirt with orange nunchucks.