For weeks, any spare minute I had has been dedicated to this hair clips and headbands.  You might be sick of this Springtime Roses tutorial, but I keep thinking up new things to do with them! In addition to moving on to baby head bands,  I've maid over 100 clips and probably around 50 headbands to take with me down to Mexico on Friday! 

The flowers are made the same, and the only difference is I either glued them to the headband between two round pieces of felt, or for the clips, I cut two small slits into the felt for one side of the alligator clip to go through and then glued the felt to the flower (see above).

I can't wait to give them out to cute little ninas (<--- that's spanish for girls) like these ones...

I know they will be thrilled! What little girl doesn't love cute, colorful flowers in their hair?
Departure in T-minus-4-days!