Or so my husband says. I tried to explain to him that "fabricating" meant that you were making something up.  But, if you take the word quite literally, he's right.

Before:                                After:
When I ruined my first pair of Toms, I was very sad.  Eggs and Tom's don't mix!  The stains kinda sorta made them look like the stone washed version, but not really. So, in my closet they sat, because I just couldn't bear to throw them away.

They don't look horrible in these photos, but trust me, in real life you could tell they were messed up. You may have seen my post a few days ago about some Toms I found on Pinterest.  I was going to wait to do this project until I bought a sewing machine, but I couldn't! So, by hand, I "fabricated" my old Toms and made them look completely different.

I love the finished product!  It took FOR-EVER (a few evenings, at least) to finish them!  But the newly-renovated shoes were worth it, in my opinion. 

I only lost about an ounce of blood in the process (needles aren't my friend).

I know what you're thinking.
"Am I supposed to be impressed at this awful sewing job?!"
I find the fringe kind of charming, and I used a thread that would show on purpose. Not to mention, they look alot better with a pair of feet in them!


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