ok, so obviously I didn't have the time to blog each day in Mexico like I wanted to -- I was way to busy and wanted as much sleep as possible! 
But, I'm back now (still busy) and there was just so much greatness this week that I really want to dedicate a post to each day.
So... with that being said, after a 18 hour ride to Texas, a stressful grocery run (like, I almost had a mental breakdown on aisle 8... anyone want to take over that part of the job, btw?), and a good night's sleep, we got ready and headed over the border into Reynosa, MX.

Right away we got to work in la cocina.  You see, for months Wade and I along with some very great friends both in the states and on the canal have been planning a suprise 25th Anniversary Party for our missionary family contacts and our first day over was the day of the party! So, we girls got to learn to make tamales!

I love the first day of each trip because I get to reunite with my little amigas like Cynthia and Merlan!

And I get to see new friendships form, like this one between Karla and Franchesca

 After the cooking, we got to work on the decorations. The party was a huge success! 

(I love mi hermano, Amin, so much!)

Feliz Aniversario a Roy y Rebecca! 

I don't have a ton of specific stories for this day because I was so busy trying to keep Mayra happy!  Mayra was the woman on the canal who ended up with a ton of responsibility for this party and she would walk up to me and go on and on about something for me to take care of. When I would look at her like, "I don't speak THAT much spanish", she would roll her eyes and throw up her hands. It made me laugh everytime, because we are such good friends :)  She's an awesome woman and did a fantastic job! 

I just loved being a part of the community.  Instantly we were thrown into the commotion of the day and I just loved it!