Our last day on the Canal was a short one.  We seem to be bringing freakish weather with us lately!  We've had tornadoes, snow storms (seriously!), and this week we were in the path of a tropical storm.  Since this was going to be our last day, we fought through the muddy roads to get down there and say goodbye. 

We had some donations still left to give out as well.  Each kid was able to come up and pick a toy from the box.  This was impressive because they actually had patience while waiting!  It was so great for the kids to be able to search through for their very own treasure.  And of course, when the line had gone through, some came back to trade :)  Kids will be kids.

Part of the group had stayed up until 2am the night before making salvation bracelets, so of course we had to give those out and explain them too!

Ok, so I seriously LOVE this picture and I'm pretty sure it will be framed in my home soon.  It's Wade (my awesome Husband) and Sylvia on the last day.  We just love her so much!  After the picture we pointed out that they matched and she covered her face and just giggled.

So, this really cool thing happened in the hour that we had over in Mexico that day. 
Something that has never happened to a group while down on the Canal before.

A family came over with hand-made gifts for everyone on the team! (Aren't we supposed to be ministering to them?) 
These are people who don't have much in our standards.  But they wanted to give us a gift.

Gorgeous right?  Even though they are so beautiful to look at, the gesture is what really got me.  I love these people so much.  I'm so glad to have these reminders of their generosity placed around my home.

Tomorrow, A visit to the Market and a game of Truth or Dare -- you don't want to miss it!