Even though we were all busy building the houses on days 2 &3, as I look through my pictures I see that God must have extended our days and allowed us some really special time with the people!

I, personally, got to spend a lot of time with Merlan.  We were attached at the palm most of the time.  I've known this jewel since she was just 6 months old.  At 5 years, now, she amazes me.  I'm all the time having dreams of us speaking to each other in English, and during this trip I realized that might not be too far of a stretch! She's been around us since she was a baby and has been exposed to a lot of English. 
This week, almost everything I said was repeated by her.  It was so fun. I just know she will learn English fluently one day.  She's so close already! I even wrote a little something on a paper and she copied it underneath (see below).

She is such a fun spirit to be around.  She decided here to turn chalk into make-up and then we painted eachother's nails. 


I love the next moment below as well.  We had a ton of "muscle men" with our team. There were several stories about them, one including a mexican woman being caught "swooning" over their muscles. She was so embarrassed! haha.
Obviously, Carlos and Abel wanted to prove their strength as well...

We spent as much time as we could with our special friends who are like family down there...

This nina is Wade's "favorite Mexican" - and so he tells her every time he sees her.  Its funny because she is actually the missionary families daughter and a complete American teenage girl :)  They are thick as theives when they are together.

Wade and Josie

 Me and mi hermano, Amin

Our beautiful Mexican madre, Sylvia - boy can she cook!  She made my favorite - Gorditas (Sopes) - per my request. I've got to learn to make those!  She asked for us to print this photo and bring it to her in August when we return.  Every time we are there she invites us to stay the night with her :)  One of these days, we've got to take her up on that. 

As I think I said in a previous post, the group is invited to share stories of the day.  Each member had their own special moments. Here are a few I was able to capture...

 This is Jamey and Jake - both first timers on this trip! Check out Jake's blog about his experience HERE.

Throughout the day, the people at this table were rotating in and out, sharing stories and praying together with an incredible man, Salvador. For his story, click here. Trust me, you want to read this!

Tomorrow, a very special Graduation and a secret note!