I used to go to "Mission Friends" as a kid. It was like Girl Scouts for church.  Well, I didn't really have an missionary friend then, but this year God has given me so many! Actually, they were already my friends, and God has made them missionaries!  It's thrilling to have so many friends living on the edge for Christ.  This weekend, I was so blessed to able to spend time with some of them, hear their stories, play, and celebrate their coming endeavors!

Remember when I asked you to "Meet Megan"?  She's baaack!  And her stories were amazing!  Me and my best friend no longer live in the same state, and haven't lived in the same city since 2004, but everytime we reunite nothing has changed. We were so lucky to be able to spend time together after her trip in Atlanta while her team debriefed! I seriously am so lucky to have such an awesome kindred spirit out there who gets me.  She is one of the very best people I know.  Going to Brazil for 2 months was a very big deal for her, and I couldn't be more glad that God used her there this summer.  I'm sure she brightened the lives of many. If you know her, you'd agree!

Right after spending the night in Atlanta, I took the road to Birmingham to spend some quality pool time with my little fishy neices, Deci and Journey, and my sister-in-law Audrey who all moved to Oregon with The Crash. Their time here is almost over, and I have love love LOVED the time I've be able to spend with my family before they head back across the country!


And today, we said goodbye to my great friend, Breanna, who is moving to Oregon along with the other Crash members to help reach the people in the west coast with the Gospel of Christ and spread her love for missions over there!   I don't know how I will replace Breanna in my life! She is such a huge help on the trips to Mexico and shares the same love for the people.  I'm inspired by this young girl who is taking this leap of faith to move away from her family and many of her friends, as well as her home, to pursue Christ.  I can't wait to partner with her on future mission trips!                              
Tomorrow we get ONE more day with Audrey and the girls at a good-ole' family cookout. Complete with hotdogs and slip-n-slides. I can't wait :)

*please excuse these grainy phone pictures!!

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