Well, actually, several funny things happened when we were in Mexico! 

For starters, someone (a genius in my book) thought to bring fake mustaches!

Ya know what else?  This dog, I learned last week, has been named Kerrie. That's right -- after me!  By the cute little Abel, pictured above.  I'm still not sure if I'm flattered or not ;)

(i'm not gonna lie, I see the resemblance -- we have the same color palet going on haha)
Or how about when Roy had to get this shot... in his butt!  And ya know what else makes this funny?  My pharmasist hubby was lucky enough to give it to him! 

Or... the day I decided to try and cook tortillas... needless to say, I couldn't take the heat.  Luckily Josue was there to help me out!

How they don't burn their fingers off, I'll never know!

Oh and then there was this adorable moment when Krystal got a quarter to stick to her forehead!

And one of my favorite funny moments was getting this group photo taken.  Not because of the picture you see below.. but the one after.

of all the kids taking our photo!  I just had to get a picture of them taking a photo of us, while we try to tell them (in english, mind you) how to work our cameras! And of course crazy Amin acting up haha.

I just love that place so much! The more I go, the more it feels like home.  This was a trip where I've felt the most at home on the canal.  Also, I should note I gained about 5 lbs due to my "familia" cooking for me and Wade so much!