Do you remember that story?

Well, this week, I can relate!

Living on little sleep and not able to quite catch up, I finally feel like I'm getting to the top of the hill - which makes sense because it's Hump-Day.

As you may know, I spent the whole of last week in my beloved Reynosa, Mexico! 

*Joy, love, BURSTS of EXCITEMENT!*

I was joined by a medical team who offered a 3-day free clinic for the village we work in! It was a very busy week, as we saw over 200 patients!  But, more about Mexico later this week.

We returned home from our 20 hour van ride early Saturday morning.  We brought along our translators who we hosted for the day.  We went all over town thrifting and enjoying time together.  That evening, several couples from church got together with us and Wade's dad, who was also hosting the missionary family from Mexico for the weekend, for dinner and had the best time hanging out!
*note, no sleep has been had yet

We turned in early at about 10 o'clock, but were woken at 2am with a very scary phone call. Wade's dad had had a heart attack.  By 3am we were at the hospital waiting for him to get a stint put in.  That hour was awful. 
But what was really scary is that his dad almost didn't go to the hospital.  He, like Wade would have, wanted to wait it out at home.  Praise God his wife convinced him to go and not 5 minutes after the doctor came in, he basically flat-lined.  They had to use the paddles on him.
Now he is doing so great and we cannot stop thanking God for holding it off until he made it to the hospital!

While the rest of the week has been a breeze compared to Saturday night/Sunday morning, I've still been just as busy and don't quite feel caught up yet.  The only thing I have on tomorrow's agenda is laundry (and LOTS of it) and an hour at the gym. I'm thinking I'll never love laundry as much as I will tomorrow. 

All this to say, I've been home 5 days and still haven't posted about Mexico. But I can't wait!  It was an amazing week and I hope you stop by to check it out tomorrow and quite possibly the days following!