Today I started my weekly Spanish tutor session with Senora Cristina!  Me and Thomas, a fellow staff member at Lifepoint as well as my trainer at the gym and a guy who loves Mexico as much as I do, learned and practiced our spanish for an hour with Cristina, a really sweet hermana who, it turns out, is a great teacher! 

This came from a passive conversation we had a week ago and now we have a weekly scheduled tutoring session!  I'm so excited.  I've already learned some useful phrases, like:

Do you do go to church?
Vas a la iglesia?

What kind of church do you go to?
Que tipo de iglesia vas?

Do you know Jesus Christ?
Conoces a Jesus Christo?

Do you know Jesus loves you?
Saves que Jesus te ama?

Can I help you?
Puedo ayudarte?

Senor Cristina also gave us homework (WHICH I AM SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED ABOUT!)
In fact, I was so excited that I may have exclaimed that excitement while my pastor was in the room. 
He then informed me that I was the kind of person he hated in school.

You can't please everybody.
Eitherway,  I am hoping that as I continue to learn (I'm also enrolling in a month long class in October!) that I'll be able to share my progress and use it on the coming trips!  And maybe, just maybe I'll stop sounding like a toddler when I translate!

A girl can dream.