At Lifepoint, we are known to make some pretty funny, sometimes crazy, videos. Just because. 
You may remember my post about our Annual LP Awards show for volunteer celebration.  I mentioned a video we had worked on, followed by a live dance/singing performance.

Well, here it is!

*Major props to Zach Gideon, videographer and photographer extrodonaire!
**I've already been told: 1) My constant smile makes me look un-cool, 2) I remind people of the Jesse from Saved by the Bell when they had a band, and 3) My shirt is weird.
***1. I tried to look cool, that's a good as it gets! 2. I'll take that as a compliment, 3. Yeah well, so is your face! Ok... not really. you have a nice face, I didn't mean it.

Enjoy! And Thank you Zach for all of the hard work you put in, making this dream a reality haha. The world will forever be better with this video in it.