Listen. I'm no photographer. But i LOVE pictures!  I got a pretty great camera about two years ago - not to start a photography business (I ain't got them skillz) - but because I am a visual person and I wanted to capture moments in our lives in high quality!  I'm still learning to use my camera without using Auto, and have been having a lot of fun with Photoshop. 

I entered a giveaway last week (and didn't win! boo.) for Jessica Drossin Textures.  I started looking around her website and facebook page at her product and fell in love!  And what's really great is that she has two free textures on her website and one free texture if you "friend" her on Facebook!  I downloaded all three and played around with the Facebook texture called "Autumn". 

Here's what it can do!
(The following photos are shown first as raw images straight from my camera and the second are after I've applied the "Autumn" texture and made a few slight adjustments.)

While you may not want to add texture to every image, it's certainly fun to play around with on a certain special photo -- and textured photos look GREAT when enlarged on canvas! 

For a really helpful video tutorial on how to add texture or bokeh to an image on Photoshop, click here!

Jessica Drossin didn't ask me to post this, in fact, she doesn't even know who I am! But I loved the free textures so much I thought I'd share the links so you can try them out for yourself! I've since purchaced her Illumination Textures   which are great because they seem to add light to the photo. They almost remind me of a piece of Thomas Kinkade artwork in the way light is somehow placed inside the picture. 

Have fun and take pictures!