My husband posted the sweetest thing on my facebook this morning and it made my morning very bright :) I have to share...

"I'm so amazed by you and all you do....and I got a pretty big crush on ya."

Awwww, right?

itn't he so cuuute? (I may or may not be thinking in my puppy dog voice here.)

But really, it meant so much because I've been really busy this week and haven't been able to see Wade very much (He's on his work week/night shift week). I mean, I have not cooked supper ONCE! That's not normal for me. 

But finally tonight I'm free to be at home and spend time with him before he goes to work. YAY!  In honor of this celebratory event, I'm making steak kabobs and attempting a homemade (healthy!) mexican macaroni and cheese.
I'll be sure to share the recipe if it turns out.

Check yes! for an awesome husband :)