ok, while that phrase is completely overdone (and comes from kindof a weirdo), I still secretely love it. 


Last night, while on my date with Wade, I entered a Twitter giveaway for a Kelly Moore camera bag and I WON! 

I never win anything! I could't believe it.  (neither could the strangers, I'm sure, sitting next to me in the movie theatre when I learned I won and started freaking out!)

Now I just have to decide which bag to get.  I'm thinking the Mimi for sure, but I must decide on color. I'd like something I can wear with a dress (because I already have a camera bag that's great for Mission trips, but something tells me a backpack/sling doesn't quite go with a date night attire).

What do you think?


Or Grey?

By the by, I know these things aren't cheap, but they are excellent quality!  Plus, if you follow Kelly Moore on Facebook or Twitter, she's always having telling about a giveaway you can enter!

*I'm in no way popular or cool enough in the blog-o-sphere to be sponsored for a blog post.  I just wanted to share my exciting news and give this awesome bag designer/photog a shoutout for being so generous!