Last week, my husband and I spent some fun-filled time at the Jacksonville Zoo.  We don't have kids, we just went for us - and had a BLAST!  We love animals (although he's not a big fan of pets) and took like 200 pictures that we will never print, because what do you do with 200 pictures of elephants, alligators, and birds?  I could frame them as family portraits and freak my friends out.

Can you imagine?

Friend: "Who's that?"

Me: "oh her? That's my aunt Petunia! Isn't she just a doll?" 

Ok.. maybe I'll just let them live and die on the old lappy top where you, the lucky reader, gets to join us on our journey through the zoo :)  Get ready to have some fun.

Wade said he was making the letter A with his hands for Alabama.. I will not say "Roll Tide". Not gonna happen.

i LOVE this next picture of the gorilla looking at the boys. I should note that I don't know these kids and I'm hoping it's not weird that they are in now on my blog.. but they wouldn't get out of the way! Dang kids. ;)  But seriously, I'll bet this is a moment they will be talking about for weeks!

But, by far, my favorite part were the BIRDS!  They were very interactive and were free to roam all around us in several of the zoo locations.

Aren't they beautiful?? I love how different they all are.

We finished the day with the most awesome part of the zoo where you got to feed the birds! They would land on you and drink from the nectorine cup, like so...

Ok.. I'd love to end my post here. Smiling, happy, totally cool with having birds on me... but that would be misleading, when in reality my reaction was more like this...

Yeah, it freaked me out having them on my arm, let alone my HEAD! But after the initial ok...5 minute screamfest (and a woman, not making it any better, saying, "What if it poops!"), I calmed down enough to enjoy it -- hence the first photo I showed you of me looking all calm and collected.

I hope you had as much fun as I did! Which I doubt, because I think I had too much fun. I proved this by begging to go back for the next couple of days to do it all over again.  Yes, although I'll be 28 in less than a week, I'm still a kid a heart.

Have a Happy Sunday and I hope you've spent the day worshiping and resting in our Savior :)  And I can't wait to try out my self-made Mr. T costume tomorrow.  I just hope it stays together.  Check back tomorrow to see how it turned out.

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