It's been a week since I've last posted.  I tend to do that from time to time.  My original excuse was that I was busy preparing to go to Catalyst - a Christian leadership conference in Atlanta.  Wade and I were soooo excited to go! We were due to leave on Wednesday and return Friday, but only made it 30 minutes away from home before turning back. 

For years Wade's beloved Paw-Paw struggled with Congestive Heart Failure. And Wednesday the Lord finally healed him completely by taking him home. 

Wade's grandfather is probably the sweetest man I've ever met, who loved his kids, grandkids, and great grand-daughters more than anyone I know!  In fact, he always told Wade that the best thing he ever did was marrying me ;)  I remember a time I drove to North Carolina and he made my mother-in-law call me to make sure I was ok because he worried over me driving so far on my own. 
He always had a smile, no matter his own condition.  He was a quite man, gentle in spirit, and always knew how to make you laugh.  He could diffuse any situation with his quick wit! 

I love a story I heard the other day (among many!), where just last week he got to feeling a little stir crazy and talked his wife and daughter (my mother-in-law) into taking him to Walmart to "people-watch".  They took him there and sat him on a bench, telling him to sit and watch people while they went to grab a few things.  By the time they came back, he had talked a woman into helping him get on one of those motorized grocery carts and was having a great time coasting through the aisles of Walmart!

I wish I had some old pictures of him to post. He was very dapper as a young man :)

We love that Paw-Paw Mack, and he will be surely missed.  But what's amazing is that he is with Jesus now!  And as Paul says, "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." (Philippians 1:21)

After the ceremony, the family took home some of the flowers people sent, to place in our homes and reflect on Paw and how much we all love him.  I love flowers, and I love these little reminders of him.