If you will, imagine a dog walking tail first, when all of the sudden it realizes it would go a lot smoother if he just moved his paws in the opposite direction... that is what my mind just did in relation to the Holy Spirit.

Many people tend to think of the Holy Spirit as an "it"... maybe relating it to "The Force" that is with you in Star Wars.  Something you can call on when you can't do any more on your own, or maybe something you use to enhance the works you are already doing.

But the Holy Spirit is not an "it".  He is a person.  (this isn't what struck me).  While I already knew and considered Him a person and not an "it", I'm not sure my actions always match up with that Theology.  How often have I asked the Holy Spirit to "help me now with (something I'm currently doing) "?

Then I read this sentence and its like I suddenly realized I was walking around, tail-end first.

"How does He (the Holy Spirit) want me to cooperate with Him in His work?" (Forgotten God, by Francis Chan)

Instead of asking God to bless what I'm already doing, I should be asking Him how I can get involved in what He is doing!

Ex: instead of asking, "God please bless the Mexico mission trip I'm planning."  I should be asking, "God, please show me how I can glorify You in the mission trip to Mexico You are planning."

Food for Thought. 

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