As my husband and I went over our holiday schedule, we realized that we will be out of town every other weekend (Wade has every other week off from work) until after Christmas!  And already things are starting to creep into January. 

We have family all over the place whom we will (and have been) visiting over the next few months.

The good news is, it should give me lots to blog about!  You're excited, aren't ya? 

Next trip starts today -- to Gatlinburg, TN! 

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. The Dixie Stampeed. Watching people ride ostriches is never dull.
2. Beautiful fall weather.
3. Time with my hubs, his mother, mother's husband, and his awesome grandma.
4. Maybe I'm hoping to see a bear...  from a far, safe distance.
5. AND BEST OF ALL... MY 28th BIRTHDAY!! (ahem.. not my 30th, DAD.)

As a birthday present to me, have some fun this weekend. I know I'm going to!