Wade and I have been going to Mexico together for 5 years this fall.  It is where we met and where we will continue to go for the rest of our lives. We go several times a year, either when we take a group down or when we just go to visit.

The question I get asked most about Mexico is if it's safe or if I'm ever scared.

I can honestly say I'm never scared, at least not for myself, but unfortunately I can't say it's safe.

I won't say it's safe.

I've learned that Jesus doesn't call us to live safe lives.  He certainly didn't live one!

When people say I'm crazy for going, I remind them of how dangerous it was for Jesus to come to this Earth. In fact, He knew it would end with a painful, humiliating, undeserved death.

This usually isn't what people want to hear. They want me to comfort them and tell them that nothing could possibly happen and that it's super safe.  But truthfully, I wouldn't tell anyone that, even if I was taking a group down the street! Danger is everywhere.

Jesus commands us to go into the world and share the Good News, making disciples.  He doesn't say anything about doing all of those things, as long as its nice and safe and comfortable.

Because of the heavy gang presence in Mexico, many groups have stopped going to Reynosa. And the people are suffering for it.  Less houses are being built, and the orphanage is struggling to pay its bills.

And while I can assure people that I've never seen anything that scared me and that Wade and I have committed to putting the lives of everyone on our team before our own, I look hopefully toward the day when we live radically for Christ without fear of what that may mean.

We cross the border tomorrow to start building a home on the canal and see our friends and family. Please pray for us that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and not let fear win out.  My prayer is that those who don't know Christ, will; and that we will find ways to serve and meet the needs of these people.

Gloria a de Dios!