And I could not be more excited!

Is it too early to be planning our Christmas card?  I guess not.. it takes a few days for mail to be delivered.. why not get a jump start on things, right?

I mean, let's face it.  I'm [this] close to putting my tree up already.  And chances are, I'll probably give in soon.  It seems to go up earlier and earlier every year.

So, since I'm already in the Holiday spirit (in my mind, Thanksgiving and Christmas are one big two month holiday fest), I spent the afternoon mocking up some Christmas cards. 

The problem is, I had too much fun and got carried away. Now I have several cards made up and can't make up my mind which one to use! 

Thank you to Authentic Photography for these photos!

The plan is to print these on some heavy duty scrapbook paper that is white on one side(for the photo) and has a print (like red and white diagonal stripes) on the backside.

Which one you do think we should use?  What's your favorite?  I'm so torn, Help!