I realized recently, that since I created this blog the week after I got married, I've never shared how I got to that point - namely, the Proposal!

As I'm sure you know, if you've looked around my blog at all, Wade and I met in Mexico. We were both in the same village but had come with different missionary groups. 

From the first day we met, we had a connection and consider the day we met to be the first day we began our relationship.

Not that it was all butterflies and cotton candy from the first moment.  I was horrible at dating!  It freaked me out.  I remember a few occasions in particular that make me cringe and feel so badly for Wade!  One in particular was when Wade said he missed me on the phone.
My response: "Thanks."

I was so awkward!  I'm so glad Wade didn't give up on me. 

Anyways, as I was saying, we met in Mexico in 2006.  Here is one of the first photos we took together while at the orphanage in Reynosa.  (This photo is important to the proposal story.  Remember the pipe-cleaner flower in my hand)

We went on to date for more than a year before he proposed.  For months he had to "work late" and do all of these crazy, time-consuming things at work.  I was really starting to get irritated with his job!  (Little did I know, he was sneaking around behind my back with a jeweler, hand designing my ring!)

I had gone to Uganda on a mission trip in the summer of 2008 and everyone on the team kept saying, "What if Wade is at the airport waiting for you to propose???" (The airport is several hours from home).  I told them they were all crazy!

I wasn't surprised when that didn't happen. I wasn't expecting a proposal for a while. Wade kept saying it wouldn't be any time soon and had me believing it would be closer to the Holidays.

It took much longer to get home than it should have. The airline lost our luggage and my mission trip roommate had a mild seizure on the way home and we were stopped for a long time helping her.  All this time, Wade kept calling to see where we were.  It was creeping closer and closer to midnight. We had traveled for about 3 days to get home, I hadn't slept in over 24 hours, and I'm pretty sure I had a parasite.  I was ready to get home!

Little did I know, Wade was pacing my apartment for hours waiting for me to get there.  The team dropped me off at my apartment and there was Wade! He walked me inside and I noticed there was a cooler in my living room. I thought this a little odd.

Wade had set up a reenactment of our first date, or what we consider our first date -- which was that first week in Mexico when we shared Takis and Joyas, sitting on a cooler, at a little tienda in the village.

As he proceeded to pull out the snacks I felt so special. I also felt bad because there was no way I could eat or drink anything without running to the bathroom (remember the parasite).  It didn't dawn on me that something fishy was going on until he said, "I almost forgot the flowers!" and pulled out the pipe-cleaner flower I made him at the orphanage in Mexico almost 2 years ago. 

Tied to the stem was this huge, blurry, sparkly thing. I couldn't focus!  It was surreal.  I swear it went in slow motion.  I don't remember a thing he said.  But I do remember thinking, "oh my gosh. Is this really happening?"

Of course I said yes!  I couldn't have been happier.  The ring is so special to me because Wade personally designed every piece of it for me. 

And that's how it happened :)