*Each day this week, while we are in Mexico, I will be spotlighting a person or family who we've known and loved the last 5 years*

Cynthia was one of my first little friends on the Canal in Mexico.  She was just 4 or 5 years old when we met.  We were attached all week long and nothing changed 6 months later when I visited again. 

What broke my heart: One day while I was visiting with Cynthia's mom and grandparents, they asked me to please take Cynthia back home with me.  They weren't kidding. That was so hard.  I still feel sad about it.  looking back, i know God didn't want me to take her because I see how much her family loves her and would miss her in their lives.

After my first two trips, I returned again expecting to reunite with my amiga, only to find that she had left with her family. I didn't know where she had gone and I didn't get to say goodbye.  

Four years passed and one day, upon arrival at the Canal, a beautiful, familiar face was there before me.  Cynthia called out to me by name and we hugged; were just so happy to see each other again!  We then built her family a new home to live in :)  

Nothing has changed between us, in fact, our friendship is stronger having survived such a long separation.  This last trip, Cynthia asked me for a Bible and I was able to give it to her as a gift at her school graduation, which I also was able to attend!  I love being a part of such huge milestones in her life :)

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