*Each day this week, while we are in Mexico, I will be spotlighting a person or family who we've known and loved the last 5 years*

As you can imagine, I didn't know much Spanish when I first went to Mexico on a mission trip.  I pretty much slept through High school Spanish and opted for French in college. "God will never send me to Mexico".  Man I was dumb.

With these kids, I didn't have to know Spanish.  I saw them coloring and sat down to join them.  This started a very close relationship.  We spent the week together and had conversations that consisted of pointing at something and learning how to say it in Spanish or English.  

Julyssa (on the left) was my kindred spirit.  She could understand me.  I would say something in English and only by the power of God, she was able to tell someone else what I was saying.  It was truly incredible.

I can't tell you how much we cried when I left at the end of the week. It made my heart smile to learn that the kids would ask their mom every time a group came down to go and see if I was with them :)

Finally, after a few years of hearing about this "Kerrie" person, their father and I met.  He said he didn't know if I actually existed!  (He worked and was always away when I was there)

I can't even describe how close we are.  It touches me to see photos of Wade and I and photos of me with their family, framed around their house.  We have the same thing here:)  And it's crazy to see them now as TEENAGERS!  5 years can really change a person!

This summer we were able to see Julyssa graduate from one school and move on to Beauty School. Several years ago, Wade and I committed to seeing them make it through school, financially.  So many young girls in Mexico can't afford school and start families by the time their fifteen.

You know what's cool?  Today, as this is being posted, I am attending their parent's wedding. They planned it around our trip to make sure we were there; and Wade and I had the honor of providing the rings.  Unfortunately, Wade couldn't come early enough to make the wedding, but I will get to actually be  a part of the ceremony (my second on the canal!). I couldn't not be more excited to be part of such a special occasion!

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