*Each day this week, while we are in Mexico, I will be spotlighting a person or family who we've known and loved the last 5 years*

We love Manny. In fact, we love Manny so much, we've tossed around the idea of naming our son (if we ever have one) after him.

Manny is one of the sweetest children I've ever met.  Sometimes this is hard for him, because the older, rougher boys will make fun of him.  He is a habitual thumb sucker, hand holder, and I'll never forget when we was just a little tyke (like below) and out of all the toys he could choose from, he picked Minnie Mouse.

Not only do we love Manny and his family, but Wade's mom is very close to them as well. She met his sister, Dalia when she went to Mexico in 2007 and has never forgotten her, frequently sending pictures and gifts (like this bike) with us to give her. Dalia's mom, Sarah always sends letters to Wade's mom and prayers for her.  This picture below is when we brought a bike from Regina. Sarah is saying a very moving prayer for her. 

Now Dalia and Manny are much more grown.

Manny loves to pose for a picture, but I promise he is not this serious in real life. The only time he doesn't smile is during a picture!