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One of the very first blogs I followed was vol.25.  This girl takes photos to the next level.  She makes photos fun!  Between her etsy shop and her digital shop, you are sure to find some awesome things to grab up!  

Last week, I hit the jackpot when she had this overlay on sale! (sorry, it's no longer on sale)  And she has some HUGE deals for Black Friday.  40% off her Etsy shop and 50% off her digital shop!  Don't miss it! I know I won't!

Check out what I did, just playing around, with her Simple Pencil Blog Post Template.

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photos of us -- courtesy of Authentic Photography

Cute, right?

Vol.25 in no way asked me to write this post. I just like to share things I find that are cool!  And this definitely is.  

Wade and I are headed out of town AGAIN for the weekend. This time, we are going to the Bayou of Mississippi for an early Thanksgiving with my mom.  We're taking some of Wade's family with us, and I know one thing for sure... I'm about to eat GOOOOOD.  Yeah buddy. 

We get to travel a lot because Wade works 7on/7off, and I love it! To see where else we've vacationed lately, check out these past posts!

Today I learned I could post to my blog from my phone (am I way behind here?) so hopefully I'll post some this weekend while we are away!  Enjoy your pre-thanksgiving weekend everyone!