Since our first Christmas, Wade and I have never bought each other Christmas gifts.  We committed from the start that instead, we would pool our money and do something for someone else, together.  I love our tradition.

This year, we spent date night trolling Target picking out Christmas presents for some of the kids in Mexico who we are close with.  It was so fun, but also hard! For every child we bought for, another would come to mind, "We can't get ____ a gift without getting ____ and ____ a gift!" 

We leave for our fall mission trip to Mexico tomorrow, and needless to say, I've got a suitcase full of wrapped presents coming along with me.  I can't wait to watch them unwrap their gifts, even if it is still a month before Christmas!

To learn more our love for Mexico, go here. And be sure to check back tomorrow as I share my feelings on missions and fear and how they work together, or don't. 

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