I love Alabama.  The state, not the football team. Let's get that clear right off the bat.

And while yesterday started out pretty gloomy and very wet, it quickly turned into a fairly nice day!

These photos are from Wade's dad land, where we at one time planned to build.  Now we're not so sure.

You see, every since we've been married we have lived in an apartment.  There is NOTHING wrong with living in an apartment, and we are so blessed to have a nice place to live for such a great price!  But, being in an apartment has it's down-sides too... like smokes-a-lot neighbors and mice.

Yes, you heard me right... mice. (although we've gotten a handle on that situation. I can't say the same for smokes-a-lot next door)

We worked all year with an architect to make plans for our future home which we were to build on a piece of Wade's dad's 16 acres of wonderful.  It was the exact house we wanted - probably because we drew it ourselves - with lots of big windows and one large open living space that would house the kitchen, dining, and living rooms.

We worked on these plans, knowing that if God said "stop" we would.  More than anything we want to remain in God's will.

You see, we just never felt one way or the other about it.  And we still don't really.

I'm notorious for asking God over and over and over again, "do you want me to do this, or this?"  And begging for a 20 year plan.

I'm reading Frances Chan's "Forgotten God" which deals with the Holy Spirit and the next chapter is called "Forget about God's will for your life".  This intrigued me, naturally, and after the first few pages where he basically said to stop asking God for a 20 year plan and start asking for each day, I stopped.  I want to continue, but for some reason I'm having a hard time picking up the book again.  I know I need to hear what Scripture has to say on this, but I know it won't be what I want to hear!

I'm a planner, I need ... ok, want the 20 year plan!

And then one night while studying the Holy Spirit, Wade and I came to the same realization:
We don't want to put ourselves in a situation where we say, "No" to God.

If we build on his dad's land, there is no way we would ever consider selling or renting it out.  So, is that something we should do?  We want to always be on the ready, willing to say "yes" at any given moment.

I'm reminding myself of this today because every time we visit the land, I yearn to build our house there.

So, this is a reminder to myself: Don't put yourself in a situation to where you would be forced to say "No" to God if He told you to go somewhere, do something, or give everything away.