Our first days of vacation were spent in Oregon, and I can't wait to show off my gorgeous nieces to you all!  They are some of the few people we buy presents for, and we love watching them open their gifts - which, by the way, takes all of about three seconds haha. 

We even got a gift from them this year! Homemade cookies and candies by Deci.  

With all of the extra luggage space we had after we gave out the gifts, we thought it might be a good idea to take the girls back with us in their place ;)

Ok.. I've thought long and hard about sharing this video of us playing Wii's Just Dance. And I've decided to do it.  I may regret this tomorrow!  There are many embarrassing moments in this video (like my awful dancing, and my attempt to sound cool at the end) and also many hilarious things about this video (the aforementioned, and Deci getting hit in the head and crying and neither me or Quinton seeming to notice).  What? We were in the zone!


And, since I can't just embarrass myself, I feel it necessary to post this one of Wade as well (please excuse the thick southern drawl. I'm trying to work on it hah)


After a few days visiting in Eugene, OR, we all packed up and headed to Seattle! It's mine and Wade's second trip. Check back tomorrow to see more!