Could it be more appropriate that the home we built this holiday season in Mexico was for this sweet little baby, named Jesus?  And what's even MORE incredible is that this is the SAME BABY whose life was saved by the Medical team we took down in August.  He had a horrible case of undiagnosed Pneumonia, and thanks to God for bringing our team at just that time, he is happy and healthy! 
And now, no-longer homeless.  

Until last week, they were living with their elderly parents, but to give you an idea of the area, I thought I'd show these photos of their road and the house next door.

So, we got to work painting and building...

That's my dad!  I love that he loves Mexico as much as I do :)

And let the kids get involved as well.. although their parents might be mad when they realize this is stain... not paint.  Oops!

and, in less than two days, finished the house.

Before the house dedication, we covered the home in scripture and some of the team made these beautiful crosses to place by the door.

We always do a dedication ceremony, and I must say, this one was my favorite!  There was prayer, washing of feet, worship, gifts, and tears. It was beautiful.

Ben washing feet

The group gathered around the home for the dedication

We talked a lot during the week about being obedient to God.  God told Ben to wash their feet and although it might have been uncomfortable for him, he knew he had to be obedient.  After the feet washing, the local missionary, Roy, said that God told him I was to sing a song of worship over the house.  And although my flesh felt embarrassed and nervous, I knew that obedience to God was necessary. I get anxiety singing on stage as well as off of it. I nervously asked the group what we should sing and they chose a song I've been blessed to lead at Lifepoint church over the last year.  The words are what make this song:

"Lead me to the cross where your love poured out. Bring me to my knees, Lord I lay me down. Rid me of myself, I belong to you. Lead me, lead me to the cross."

When the dedication was over, baby Jesus' mother was in tears.  She thanked God for her home and then they invited us to eat dinner with them. These, who had so little, not even a home to call their own, had sacrificed their finances and cooked an amazing meal for this group.  It was humbling, to say the least. 

to hear me sing the song the group was led to sing over the house, play this video at 00:11:00 minutes. 

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