Especially when they are freebies for photoshop!  I am editing photos and thought I'd use the opportunity to play around with this freebie from Jessica Drossin Textures!  Her Free Lights Overlay creates a really fun texture to the photo, don't you think?  

To achieve this look, I first sharpened/defogged the photo, pulled up the lower level, and applied the overlay (soft light). I then used the brush tool (100%) to remove the overlay from the subjects, and then again at 30% over the rest of the photo to make the overlay less harsh.  I finished by raising the curves just a hair.

It's too bad Christmas is over, because with this freebie, I think you could make some really great Christmas cards!  Be sure to "like" her on facebook and get her freebies! This one won't be there much longer!

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