A few months back, I took some photos for my college roommate and her family.  Joy has recently come back into my life after 5 years apart, moving to the same small town I moved to back in 2007.  As she had her whole clan in town for the holidays, she asked if I would take some family portraits for them.  

I'm always glad for the opportunity to learn more through times like these and learn or apply something new each time.  This time I was able to (for the first time ever) take some (in my opinion) good indoor photos!  Indoor photos are a pain.  They entail so much attention to the camera and lighting and settings and it can just be overwhelming and oftentimes disappointing when you pull them up on the computer and see a grainy, orange, or blue-tinted photograph. 

But, thanks to my amazing friend Zach Gideon, who taught me a thing or two about lighting recently, these first few photos turned out better than I could have hoped!

One of the best parts of this photo shoot was the reunion of it all.  You see, in the photo below, I went to college with 5 out of the 9 (+2 kids) people you see!  And I hadn't seen most of them since I graduated! I even stayed with Joy's parents in Miami one spring break, so really I knew everyone except her grandparents, who I gotta say were very good sports in all of this -- it was cold! I can't imagine how cold it must have felt to a bunch of Miami-ians!

these girls hit the gene-pool lottery, did they not?

What a fun way to spend the day after Christmas :)  Besides getting to see some long-lost college friends, I had Wade with my on the shoot for the first time! He was a huge help in getting some successful, kids-looking-at-the-camera, photos!  And I may have made him go to all of the locations with me earlier in the day and be my "model" while I practiced beforehand.  Gotta love that man.  (if you're lucky, maybe I'll post a few of his modeling-debut photos here in a few days. Hah. He'd love that.)