I had the amazing honor of not only attending, but participating in the wedding of my dear friends, Erika and Rafael, in Mexico last week. 

How did I participate, you ask?  
Well, I was the ring bearer of course!

In weddings in Mexico, it is traditional for people to sign up for and provide certain items that are part of the wedding ceremony.  Wade and I signed up for the rings, which meant that we picked them out, bought them, and then presented them during the ceremony.  I love these rings, don't you?

I loved celebrating this occasion with some of my favorite people in Mexico.  I was so happy that they planned the wedding for the week we would be there!  The changes that have taken place over the last five years are truly amazing. I mean, check out these gorgeous women below! They were just kids when I first met them!  Check out my post on Julyssa, Katia, y Rey to see what I'm talking about!

The wedding was beautiful. Here are a few more snapshots from their memorable day. 

In the village where we work, it is common for a family to be unmarried.  As missionaries have gone and invested in their lives, we have seen God take these lovely couples and unite them in marriage.  This was my second wedding on the canal (and I've participated in both).  I can't wait to see where else God takes us in our relationships on the canal over the next five years!

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