*Each day this week, while we are in Mexico, I will be spotlighting a person or family who we've known and loved the last 5 years*

Last but not least, I want to tell you about Merlan - who, if you've been reading my blog, you probably know all about.

I met this baby on my very first trip to Mexico.  This poor child was black and blue up and down her back.  We quickly learned that her dad was a drunk and frequently took out his anger on his children.  In fact, Merlan's older sister suffers with mental and physical handicaps because of her father.

Mad doesn't begin to describe my feelings in those moments.  Anger turned to hope as people gathered around this baby, laying hands on her, and prayed over her little body that her father would meet Jesus and change and that this little innocent child would be safe and have a happy life.

I can happily say that the Lord answered our prayers.  Merlan's dad recieved Christ through the constant groups who continuously shared the Gospel with him.  He is a new man, doesn't drink at all, but unfortunately lives in guilt over his former life as he sees the effects he had on his children.

Despite their rough start, Merlan and her sisters are some of the happiest children I know.  

(Merlan and her sisters had to get their heads shaved because they had such a bad case of lice)

One thing I love about Merlan: She is learning English and will copy everything I say. She tells me "I lobe you" :)  I have dreams all the time where she is speaking fluent English and I really believe that one day she will. 

I have soooo many more pictures of his angel than I've shown today, but I don't know that Blogger could hold them all!  I miss Merlan every day and find myself wishing that I could bring her across with me to stay for the summer so I could spoil her rotten!

We start our journey home today, which always saddens me.  But what I love so much about this mission  trip is that I know I will be back, again and again, throughout my life.  Thank you Jesus for this place.