*Each day this week, while we are in Mexico, I will be spotlighting a person or family who we've known and loved the last 5 years*

Sylvia is so special to us.  She lives next door to the Mission house we built for groups to use and has taken it upon herself to be our honorary Grandmother.  She won't let a day go by without feeding me and Wade, even if we're not hungry! 

In fact, on the medical trip where Wade was too busy to come down to her house to eat, she would get onto him for not coming down, roll her eyes, tsk tsk tsk, and then bring him a plate where he was working. :)  

Her food is delicious.  Her and her husband run a small store on the canal and don't make much money but no matter how hard we try, she will not accept our money.  We've even resorted to hiding money in her store when she's not looking!

I met Sylvia on my second trip when I sat with her and tried my best to explain Thanksgiving.  The closest I could get in my broken Spanish was that it was a "Dia de Gracias" haha. I'm still not sure she understood why we ate a Turkey to celebrate.