Like I was saying (yesterday that is), we then took our vacation to Seattle!  Wade and I have been before, but it was Q and Audrey and the girls' first time.

By the time we arrived, the sun had set. Seriously, it was down by like 4pm!  And I thought the sun set early in Alabama.

The next day we walked all over Seattle; Wade and I couldn't wait to revisit some of our favorite spots, like the Pike Place Market where we of course watched the guys throwing fish again! (To see my fish picture from our last trip, click here!)

And then Deci enjoyed a very cute gingerbread men. 
"Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" -- or so Deci tells me...

We also stopped for Beecher's Mac-n-Cheese (MY FAVORITE!)...

yes, they make the cheese RIGHT THERE!
 and of course, the original Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Mocha and some Eggnog lattes!

After that we went to my favorite place in all of Seattle (well, it's tied with Beechers):


I know! I could hardly believe it myself when we first found it.  I NEED a gum wall in my house. It's so colorful and pretty and fun! Ok. Maybe not in my house. 

wanna know a secret? I don't even like gum. Can't stand to chew it. But twice this year (and that's seriously probably the only times all year) I chewed a piece JUST so I could add to the art work!
Below is the view from our window (so is the 2nd picture on this post). It was gorgeous and you could see Mt. Rainer on a clear day. We were so lucky with the weather, again!

We spent the evening walking around Pioneer Square and Bellmont, led by this gorgeous gal, our step sister, Michelle, who is basically a local.

We definitely got our miles in! Q has a phone app that tracks miles walked and it said something like 8 miles. And that was before I realized I left my phone at a restaurant a mile away and Wade and I had to walk there to get it and then walk back to meet up with the others.  Oops!

Ps. my sister-in-law, Audrey, made my awesome earwarmer/hat/headband thing and I LOVE IT!  She is selling them to help one of our friends raise money for a mission trip to Rwanda.  It's warm and cute and I can wear it to cover up the fact that I didn't wash my hair that day. For real. 

To be continued...