were spent making sure we saw all of the popular landmarks that make Seattle memorable. 

The girls loved the Science museam (and so did we). Check out this huge Rubik's cube!

I laughed so hard when I saw Wade standing like this. Like I said, we liked it just as much as the girls did!

And of course I loved the butterfly room... except when they landed on me. I don't like that.

From there we went on to the space needle where I was honored to be Deci's personal tour guide :) I love my nieces so much, I sure do miss them!

We even got the awesome opportunity to see some friends who had moved to Seattle a few years ago and their adopted son Luke, who I'd only seen via Skype! What a sweetheart!

And we found the best book at the Space Needle, "Larry get's lost in Seattle."  Deci sat me down in the middle of the gift shop (on the floor) so she could read it to me. It was such a neat book because it had all of the places we visited in it, which Deci thought was really cool.  Needless to say we bought the book -- what an awesome souvenir to remember the trip!

this was the actual street our hotel was on!
While reading the book, Audrey noticed a landmark we hadn't seen yet -- The Fremont Troll!  Of course that meant we had to go see it!

Officially one of the coolest cities ever. 
Thanks for coming along as I shared my vacation with you :)  It was so much fun reliving it.