The past five years have been a time of growth.  I met my husband five years ago.  I went to Mexico for the first time five years ago.

In 2006, I went once.
In 07 and 08, twice.
In 09 and 2010, three times.
This year, 4 times.
And next year, I have 5 trips planned.

Its unbelievable, the amount of time God is allowing me to be in this place.  The longest I'll go, in 2012, without being in Mexico is 2 months.

And although I've been 13 times, this trip had a few firsts.

It was the first time the group slept in Mexico instead of Texas.  And the first time I've had dinner like this!

the bullet hole

those are the tongues! the best part!

Yep. That would be Barbacoa.... a.k.a. Cow tongue and cheek.

It wasn't my first time to eat Barbacoa. In fact, it's one of mine and Wade's favorites.  But I've never seen it cooked like this! With teeth and all!  And I'm proud to say most of the group tried it.  And only one got sick ;)

Here's to being adventurous!

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