As I mentioned yesterday, I had one more bridal party project I wanted to share with you all!  
This amazing backdrop and the advice word bubbles were inspired by Oh Happy Day.  

The crazy thing about this project is that I could only find these giant sequins in England.  
Yes. You heard me right.
The U.K.!  

I had to pay in Euros and everything! Hah. Maybe I went a little overboard with this party, but I feel it was worth it... And I kept reminding myself of that fact as we tediously placed each and every individual sequins on the teeny-tiny sequins pins. 

So fun!  I'm thinking I should add this as a permanent fixture in my home. It takes so much work to put it up and take it down, and who doesn't want a shiny gold wall in their house for impromptu photo shoots? 

Probably my husband.
::Shine On!::